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 Famiglia Guide

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Choose your family by browsing through their territory! Each family Boss should have a brief description of their family and themselves. If you would like some extra info or details, simply PM the Boss! PLEASE PM THE BOSS FOR ACCEPTANCE INTO THEIR FAMILY OR ELSE YOU WON"T BE ABLE TO ENTER THEIR TERRITORY!!!!~~~

Vongola: The Vongola Famiglia is the most powerful mafia of all Italy. It was created by the 1st generation, Primo, as a vigilante group to protect the people. Vongola is one of the largest Famiglia in existence.
The Vongola Guardians are the chosen holders of the Vongola Rings. They are represented by the 6 weather phenomena that paint the Sky: Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist, and Lightning. They are Vongola Boss's main famiglia members.
Vongola Boss:

Varia Boss:


Chiavarone Boss:

Bovino Boss:

Millefiore Boss:

Head Prefect:

Make sure you know who your Boss is!

Family descriptions: (Don't know which family to join? Look here!)

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Famiglia Guide
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