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 Ranks and Groups Guide

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PostSubject: Ranks and Groups Guide   Ranks and Groups Guide EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 9:40 pm


For those of you confused and interested in the different ranks and groups, you have come to the right place. Here will be a brief explanation for all. For more specific details or if you have any questions, feel free to contact any Boss, Guardian, or Disciplinary member.

I. Ranks

When you join this forum, you will be given a rank. Here lies the available ranks current in order from lowest to highest that you can receive.

Rookie- 0 posts
Rookie Lvl 2-20 posts
Rookie Lvl 3-50 posts
Mafia Trainee-75 posts
Mafia Trainee Lvl 2-100 posts
Mafia Trainee Lvl 3-150 posts
Mafia Member-250 posts
Mafia Member Lvl 2-350 posts
Mafia Member Lvl 3-450 posts
Mafia Legend-700 posts
Hired Hitman- 1000 posts
Right Hand Man-5000 posts

II. Special Ranks: These are the ranks that are specially appointed by the Bosses.

Ultimate Boss-Complete Rule; Owner of site
Boss-Complete Rule over a family.
Vongola Guardian: Powers equal and more to a moderator.
Varia Guardian: Powers equal and more to a moderator.
Arcobaleno: ?????????????

You cannot apply for special ranks.


Boss: Admin
Familiga Guardian: Supreme Moderators
Vongola: Family Group
CEDEF: *Confidential*
Varia: *Confidential*
Disciplinary Committee: In Charge of patrolling(Looking for trouble makers)/ In Charge of A specific Forum topic.

You can apply for all the groups except Boss and Familiga Guardian. Any family group applications are final.

There will be future updates of more groups and ranks. Any news will be posted here, please make sure to check.

Ranks and Groups Guide Img_7__%282%29
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Ranks and Groups Guide
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