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PostSubject: User Guide   User Guide EmptyTue Dec 27, 2011 7:08 pm

Welcome newest Mafia newbies! Thank you for joining us today~
Here is a little heads up of what you should do to successfully merge into our familiga.

Double Check Items (Have you done them yet?):

1. Introduce yourself at the Mafia Reception Desk. Please follow the model.
2. Read through the different family descriptions and chose a family to join. Don't worry! If you do not know what this is about, there is more info about it here!
3. Introduce yourself to the family boss, and officially become one of the family's mafia!
4. Search around to see what interests you! Have fun!~

Family Choosing(Don't know what to do? Look here!):

Family Choosing is where you decide which Mafia family you want to join! The choice you make cannot be changed, so make sure you make up your mind before seeing the Boss! To start, simply check out the Familglia guide, which is also in the Bulletin Board, and read the description of the family there. After deciding which family you like, PM the family's boss, please make sure you properly introduced yourself to the other family members at the family's HQ(There is a specific model for each family). There will be, but very few, cases of when a Boss refuses to accept you. If you really want to join that specific family and no other, contact the Ultimate Boss, and something will be worked out.
Once you are part of that chosen family, there will be rivalry and competition against other families, so do your best for the Boss!

Please note that this forum only allows friendly rivalry....which means follow the rules!!! No cussing or insulting others!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM/email Ultimate Boss, your family Boss, any Familiga Guardian, or the Disciplinary Committee!

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