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 Famiglia Laws Ver. 1.1

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Ultimate Boss

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PostSubject: Famiglia Laws Ver. 1.1   Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:39 pm

General Laws:

1. Everything must be PG-13!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything above that will be deleted. (In other words, we will NOT accept your R-18 stuff)

2. Please respect others. No cyber bulling, cussing, insulting....

3. Please do not forward, plagiarize, or copy any materials on this website. Which means you cannot use other member's shared info, etc or any of this website's property.

4. You have to be at least 13 years old.

5. Please do not spread rumors, or use any provoking grammar or info.

6. No trolling. It's unnecessary and annoying.

Consequences include deletion of subject, banned username, deduction of points or fame.

Posting Information:

1. All posts must be at least 15 words, excluding expressions and symbols.
2. No other language may be used instead of English.
3. Please, only 2 signatures....

Original Works:

1. We welcome all kinds of original works, from drawings to stories, to cakes(?) as long as it have something related to the subject, or KHR.
2. If found forwarded subject belongs to someone else in which specifically asked not to forward....please kindly go perform seppuku....
3. If found stealing others' works to call for one's own....please go transmigrate....kufufufufufu~

Acceptance into Famiglia:

1. Please PM the boss first!!!!! If you don't and they don't accept you, you can't browse through their territory!!!!
2. When PMing your Boss, please make sure to include the following:
Your username (If asked for password, report to DC or Boss because we will never ask you that!)
Age (If you want to, we welcome all ages!!)
The reason why you want to join.
Some facts about yourself including hobby, dislikes, etc.


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Famiglia Laws Ver. 1.1
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