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 *Joining the Family*

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PostSubject: *Joining the Family*   *Joining the Family* EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 10:43 am

When joining the family, please PM the request to me. Make sure you include reasons for why you want to join the family- I just want to make sure that you truely are interested in the Chiavarone Famiglia. Some where in the application make sure to include your main flame type (you can have up to 3 in all, one main and two subs, obviously not Sky), weapon(s), and any special 'skills' or 'traits' in there. It might help later ^-^. After your request has been approved, please post on the Introductory Thread in our HQ. That's all for now.

-Chiavarone Boss, Kagami

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*Joining the Family*
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