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 Code Geass R3: shikkoku no renya

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Code Geass R3: shikkoku no renya  Empty
PostSubject: Code Geass R3: shikkoku no renya    Code Geass R3: shikkoku no renya  EmptySat May 12, 2012 3:23 am

Indeed it has arrived, Code Geass R3.

Taken from animepalm.com (still too lazy to write one myself):

he story takes place in the same official Code Geass history as the anime, but in a different era. The title character, Renya, is a 17-year-old boy with a mechanical left arm and shuriken throwing stars as his weapons of choice. The story begins when Renya encounters a mysterious, perpetually young witch named “Reifū C.C.” C.C. has appeared in Japan’s historical Edo era to seek a new partner for a covenant. Meanwhile, a mysterious man, with a striking resemblance to the character Lelouch of the original anime, also appears with unknown intentions.


PS To see the main website (japanese) see this link: http://geass.jp/renya/

Code Geass R3: shikkoku no renya  Img_7__%282%29
Code Geass R3: shikkoku no renya  00013010
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Code Geass R3: shikkoku no renya
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