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 Yo. This is a Beast in the making.

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Sungkyu Mio
Mafia Trainee Lvl 2

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PostSubject: Yo. This is a Beast in the making.   Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:30 pm

Username: Sungkyu Mio
Nickname: Sung
Gender: Male
Hobby: Mixed Martial Arts. Watching Anime/Reading Manga.
Worth: Hand-to-hand combat, easily anger people.
Why you want to be a Mafia?: Because I enjoy the thrilling life that the Mafia face.
Weapon choice: Steel Katana.
Likes: Explosions, fast-paced action, straight-up legit skill.
Dislikes: Bianchi's cooking (its scary and I legit get stomach aches seeing it).
Favorite KHR character:GOKUDERA!!!!! WOOT~WOOT!
Other: I like babies that can fight, and the color red~hint hint.
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Yo. This is a Beast in the making.
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