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 Rules for the RP

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PostSubject: Rules for the RP   Rules for the RP EmptyFri Dec 30, 2011 10:10 pm

1. Please, please, please, no Mary Sues or Marty Stus.

2. I think this is already a rule, but no text talk while role playing. People don't like illiterate roleplayers. And use proper grammer. Please only talk in past-tense, not present-tense.

3. When replying to a post, please try and put as much effort in it as possible. I understand that sometimes things might come to a stand-still, but please, but please try to avoid constant one-liners (Note: I don't mind if you use one-liners, but just not all the time) . Just follow the "skirt" rule and you'll be fine.
Also, try and respond as soon as you can. I'm not saying that you need to respond within seconds, and that sometimes the times are imcompatible ( especially if there are different time zones in play). But please try and reply at least once a day, and if you know you can't for a while, simply say something and it'll be alright.

4. If you are role playing as one of the canon characters, please do your best to stay in character. I understand that humans aren't prefect and I don't expect you to be right one the nail 100% of the time. But Tsuna would never betray his friends, right? Also, please don't make the characters too dry. For example, if you're role playing as Hibari, don't put 'Kamikorosu' or 'I'll bit you to death' at the end of at least one sentence in all of the posts that he speaks.

5. No flaming! If you have a problem with someone or something, please contact the person in question/responsible for the issue. If you really don't want to, or that person started to give you a hard time, let us know, and we'll handle the issue.

6. Please only talk in third person, especially if you're controlling more than one character. No first person please.

7. When talking as yourself, please do it after you are finished talking IC.

8. No God-modding, period. I don't care if your character is the strongest character. Nobody likes it. Make sure that you give the other party some opportunity to control their character. (ex.: If a character is walking by, don't reply that your character tripped them and they fell flat on their face. No, just no. Instead, state that your character stuck their leg out in an attempt to trip the other character, that way the other person can choose their character's outcome.) Also, don't control any other person's character, unless given direct permission by the person in question.

9. Make sure you don't cross what you know with what your character knows. If it would be logical for your character to know it, then that's fine (ex.: your character accidentially overheard a conversation.). But if it's completely illogical for them to know about something, please just don't interfere with the matter.

10. Please remember that we have a PG-13 tolerance on this site. That doesn't mean that you need to censore out any violence or romance, but do not get so graphic that it would be on a rated-R level. Just because you may be over 18, it doesn't mean everyone on this site is. Anyone on this site could be any age (well at least 13).

I know that I have quite a few rules, and I apologize if I annoy you or seem too bossy. I just wish to make things as easy as possible for everyone and to avoid any ordeals that can easily be avoided. ^-^'|| Anyways, I hope we can all enjoy ourselves on this journey.. Ha ha ha ha, @~@

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Rules for the RP
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